V. international ice hockey tournament for youth SUMMER CUP 2013 CZEH. MOST

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    • V. international ice hockey tournament for youth SUMMER CUP 2013 CZEH. MOST

      Dear ice hockey friends,

      let us invite you to the V. international ice hockey
      tournament for youth SUMMER CUP 2013, to be held in August 2013
      on the ice arena in city Most in the Czech

      Age of players and tournament

      Born 1998/1999: begin 02.08.13 at 8,00 O'Clock,
      finish 04.08.13 at 16,00 O'Clock,
      born 2000/2001: begin 09.08.13 at
      8,00 O'Clock, finish 11.08.13 at 16,00 O'Clock,
      born 2002/2003: begin
      16.08.13 at 8,00 O'Clock, finish 18.08.13 at 16,00

      category 1998-2001 can be a maximum of 2.year older, Girls category
      2002-2003 can be a maximum of 1.year older

      Playing time and system of the

      Is the playing time 3x15
      min of net time, according to the rules of ice hockey. It is played in
      groups each with each and then play-off for each place (each team plays
      min. 5 matches).

      Accommodations are provided:

      Hotel Cascade in downtown Most (www.hotel-cascade.cz ). 10 minutes walking distance from the ice rink. There
      is a class

      Bussines Superior class 30 Euro per person / night with

      and Economy
      25 Euro per person /
      night with breakfast

      Hotel Ring in the hotel 6 km from the ice rink in the countryside with horse
      stables. Price per person per night is 20 euro. (
      www.hotelring.cz ).

      Lunch and
      are provided in restaurant at Ice arena.
      - Price in
      the restaurant at the skating rink is lunch (3,5 Euro) and dinner (3,5

      Applications no later than May 31, 2013

      The city

      Most is the small city under the Ore
      Mountains, cca. 100km north of the capital city Prague. Modern architecture is for this
      city typical, with a few historical elements, which are survived from ancestral
      city Most – today nonexistent because of coal mining. It is possible to visit
      especially moved church of assumption of the Virgin Mary and the view point from
      the 12th century – The castle Hněvín. Not only landmark lovers have
      one’s own back. Horse-race area Hipodrom, race circuit Autodrom, but also water
      area Aquadrom and many others, so is the city Most,


      Czech Republic, often as “Heart of
      Europe” designated, has more than thousand years old history. Herewith it is
      possible on the territory of Czech
      Republic to find a lot of historical
      bequests, interesting buildings, so beautiful cultural productions. Welcome in
      the land of castles and manor houses, in the land of beautiful and trim
      historical cities, in the land of cathedrals, temples, cloisters and churches.
      As a confirmation of this argument is 12 objects on the list of world cultural
      heritage UNESCO. The capital city Prague belong to the most beautiful and
      frequented towns of the world.

      We are able to arrange the accommodation and
      catering for ever team, which has interest for


      Full attendant program is ready for all participants. Together with
      official gala ceremonials in the beginning and in the end of tournament there is
      a possibility to participate on skill competitions. 4 players and 1 goalkeeper
      can participate of each team. They compete in following disciplines – speed
      skating, shooting on targets, slalom and raiding on goal. Proposal to the skill
      competitions you can find on our websites

      Enclosed you can find the official invitation, proposal of the all
      tournament and the register form. If you have any further requests do not
      hesitate to contact us on summercup@avantgardsport.cz

      We are looking forward to your attendance and wish many sporting